See What Our Homeowners Say

“The best customer service given. It’s the Nordstrom philosophy! Thank you, Mr. York, Cleave, Chris, Terry and Robert for the extremely great work.”

Gerry – Structural and Water Damage Repair

“The friendliness of your employees. They got the job done with very little down time.”

Tom – Long List of Home Maintenance Items

“Positive work environment, good communication, on time.”

Judith – Kitchen and Bathroom Refresh

“Professional, thorough, on time, completed project in successive days.”

Nancy – Siding and French Drain

“The work area was always left clean.”

Kathryn – Multiple Exterior Projects

“All your employees are nice people to have around. We enjoyed them all. First class people! Calling when unexpected delay nice to be informed.”

Jim – Beam Repair/Solatube Installation

“Prompt communication. Goes well beyond expectations.”

Nancy – Multiple Projects

“Easy to work with everyone. Good communication.”

Larry – Siding, Door and Roof Repair

“When I had a warranty issue, I called and you were here quickly.”

Gary – Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

“Outstanding work! The craftsmanship was excellent! It is beautiful!”

David and Cindy – Difficult Retro Fit of a Wall Oven In Brick

“It all came in at the end, and within bid budget.”

Michael – Remodeled Two Bathrooms

“I have never had to worry about things being completed on time or in exactly the manner what I wanted. They have added windows, cabinets, lights, remodeled the kitchen with new appliances and countertops, and everything, yes, everything was done in a timely and satisfactory manner.”

Patricia – Interior Remodel

“I can’t tell you enough how great it is to have Cullen and Adam working in our home. I have come to rely on their professional opinions and thoroughly appreciate and enjoy how hard they work and their great attitudes. And they are very kind to Boomer! Cullen and Adam are indeed very special and have done a great job transforming our kitchen. Thank you! Boomer and I look forward to seeing them drive up and will miss them when they are gone.”

Lynn – Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel

“Professionalism. You listened to us and our needs and provided options and realistic timelines.”

Peg – Trim and Molding Recreated and Replaced on Historical Home

“Your staff! Everyone of your staff were polite, professional and respectful. They listened to my requests, always communicated with me if there were any changes or delays. I’m totally pleased with all the work that was done.”

Robin – New Door, Recreated Exterior Details on Historical Home